September 23, 2021

Some portions were taken out to preserve privacy of audience members. Speakers in the recording include Dan Ciporin (ex-General Partner at Canaan Partners), Aakash Shah (Co-Founder of NeonVest), Surya Viswanathan (Co-Founder of NeonVest) and Guest Speaker Mark Brooks (Investment Manager at Syngenta Group Ventures).

Aakash Shah —…

It’s unintentional, but we end up providing asymmetric value to founders that don’t benefit from the same advantages that other founders might. Be it due to location, race, gender, age, social class, income bracket or something else, every founder has a unique circumstance. That shouldn’t change who they can access…

“The Paradox of Skill: Why Greater Skill Leads to More Luck” — Michael Mauboussin

People often wonder how successful people become successful. While success is both relative and absolute, we tend to agree on which individuals are “successful” or not. Elon Musk, Leonardo DiCaprio, Oprah Winfrey, Jack Ma, Tiger Woods…

The NeonVest Insights on the Crypto Market.

Macro summary (Nov 2018):

From CoinMarketCap, as of Nov 31, 2018


Bitcoin’s price crash is not that relevant

By far the biggest news this month, was Bitcoin’s massive price crash that reverberated across crypto markets. The cryptocurrency had been trading rangebound between about $6000 and $7000 since September to…


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